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After completing High-school, most students join the train of confusion by writing a bunch of concours and if they pass none, they register at any faculty willing to take them with the kind of G.C.E results they have. At the level of finding a school, most people rarely think about what kind of qualifications or certificates they plan on having in relation to the kinds of jobs they foresee. It's common to see someone who wants to work as a professional in a field but will enroll to study in a school that will give them academic certificates instead of professional ones e.g, if you plan on being a Lawyer, instead of studying law at the faculty, you should enroll in a Law school. So in this blog post, I will be giving you the various academic and professional degrees you can enroll in depending on what you want to do in the future.

PROFESSIONAL DEGREE: This type of certificate prepares students for careers in specific fields, such as medicine, education, pharmacy, law, engineering, etc. The duration of study to attain this kind of certificate depends on the institution and the career in focus. These programs focus a great deal on real-world application, with students completing internships and projects before graduating. Most professional degrees are required by law to be earned before you can work in that field e.g being a Medical Doctor, being a Lawyer, being a Pharmacist, being a Pilot, etc.

ACADEMIC DEGREE: This type of degree, also known as a research degree focuses on a specific field of study and is more research oriented. To earn an academic degree, students nearing the end of the program in their final years are required to plan, organize, and conduct a research or thesis to complete their coursework. Academic degrees cover an assortment of disciplines. Any subject involving a curriculum weighted with theory, history (of the topic), methodology, and research material is academic.

So that's the main difference between Professional degrees and Academic degrees. I'll love to know in the comments section which of them you are studying for and why you chose that route. Thanks for reading through.

Muluh MG Godson.




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