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Often too much, especially in high-school, there's a common misconception that smart and intelligent students who score high in Mathematics, Physics, etc. are righteously fit for the SCIENCES while the less-smart, lesser-evolved species of the human race who average pass grades in Food and Nutrition, History, Literature, etc. do the ARTS. This misconception and stereotyped mindset doesn't just start or end at the high-school level. In this article, I will outline the main difference between the ARTS and the SCIENCES.


Subjective here refers to personal perspectives, feelings and opinions while Objective here refers to the elimination of subjective perspectives. Being objective is a process that is purely based on HARD FACTS.



Art is a very Subjective field. To be a good artist, you have to possess some sort of natural ability. Be it painting, drawing, fashion design, graphic design, singing, dancing, etc. you have to be able to understand the feelings and emotions you have inside so that you can be able to express it outside in whatever ART form you choose. To write mind blowing novels or movies you have to be able to imagine. To play like Messi or Ronaldo you have to be able channel your inner emotions into the sport. It's very difficult to be creative in ART if you don't posses that natural ability. Imagine learning how to do gymnastics when you are not even flexible? Two ARTIST doing the same thing will hardly ever give the same results. Two people here singing a song can't sing it exactly with the same voice or two people who are pros in the ART of cooking will hardly ever produce the same food or the taste, even if they used exactly the same ingredients.



Science on the other hand, is very Objective. You have to be able to lay down a systematic way that any other person can follow and achieve the same results as you did. Basically with Science, anyone with a good enough determination can follow the steps and succeed. Just like solving Math or Physics, if you follow the steps correctly you'll arrive at the same answer as a Professor at MIT.

Art is very difficult to replicate as stated above. If I tell you to dance like Michael Jackson, everyone who tries will only do something similar to what he did, but never the same, because that is ART.

Science, once proven in the right environment can be replicated by anyone. If I tell you that to multiply two numbers say 3 and 4 all you have to do is add 3 to itself 4 times, i.e, 3 x 4 = (3 + 3 + 3 + 3) = 12. Anyone who understands this basic rule can be able to multiply any two numbers.

Gone are the days where a child is not intelligent because he couldn't study the sciences. We have to on our part, actively work in deconstructing this stereotype that has plagued our communities for so long.

So which do you think is more difficult to learn, the ARTS or the SCIENCES? Comment with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and like always share with your friends.

Muluh MG Godson.




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