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Massi's YouTube Channel.

Massi's YouTube Channel.

YouTube vlogging has become wildly popular of recent. With so many different people uploading content daily, it's very difficult to stand out. This article is about Massi Martha, a young Cameroonian who managed to have up to 1.1 Million Views and 13.8K subscribers on her YouTube channel in just 11 months. 

Massi, who attended GBHS Downtown Bamenda is now a Masters Student of Communication in ESSTIC/ASMAC, Yaounde. She is 21 years old. 

She films most of her videos at her home with her smartphone and a tripod and uses 3 different apps to edit the videos (Filmora, Kinemaster and Inshot).

When she uploaded her first video 11 months ago, she didn't get up 50 views in the first week. For some people this can be very discouraging but she kept on filming more videos and doing what she loved. She started by uploading one video every week and she kept consistent. A few months after she started uploading 3 videos per day and this kept her community active.

While being a student, Vlogging is her part-time job. Brands pay an estimate of about 180,000frs to 200,000frs to get a shout/out in one of her videos.

YouTube also pays YouTubers monthly and her YouTube payments have amounted to about 500,000frs as her channel got monetized.

When asked about her audience, she said most of the people watching her videos were from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and the USA.

Her videos range from movie reviews, to product reviews, skin care tips and routines.

She says a lot of times she felt like giving up, but the key she says is to stay motivated by thinking about why you started it in the first place.

Her most popular video is a review about a TV Series "Best Friends in The World" which has about 91K views.

As of today, she has a total of 220 videos on her YouTube channel.

1.1 Million Views.

1.1 Million Views.

You can contact Massi Martha through her email:

[email protected]



Thanks for reading through. What are your thoughts about YouTube vlogging, is it a great part time job for students? Let me know in the comments section below.

Muluh MG Godson.




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